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Sweet And Soy Kisses by DarkMagicTraffic
Sweet And Soy Kisses
Drawing of my characters on my other account
im still trying to figure out how to create "vitiligo" skin
Sister Anita Revamp by DarkMagicTraffic
Sister Anita Revamp maker of  the Soul Eaters 
Full name: Anita 
Nicknames: Sister, Anny
Gender: Female
Species: Soul Eater
Age: 19
Birthday: July 5
Sexuality: straight
Occupation: Nun
Currently lives: Saint John's Convent in a German Village
Languages spoken: English, German
Accent: German
Relationship Status:Single 
Height: 5'6
Weight: heavy up-top, slim on the bottom
Hair color: crisp white hair
Eye color: bright green
Scars/distinguishing marks: mole on left side of her face, scar marks where horns used to be(dehorned) 
Personality:sweet, kind, and sometime stubborn but only to herself, can get aggressive when "hungry", loyal 
Likes:reading, singing, talking to new people who come to the convent, singing and reading music
Dislikes: having to feed on the souls of others
Fears/phobias:  having her hunger overpower her, having the reverend mother finding out about her nights out 
Bio: Anita was unwanted when she was a baby so she was dropped of on the doorstep of the nunnery. While being raise by the nuns she learned about respectful , to be honest and always follow the way of the lord. As she grew she was unaware of her species and their reputation with the church, her horns had not even grown in yet (just wittle bums). As she got older she began to learn of her race while  in the convent library, how they're horn reminded the catholic church of the devil. Also about their need to eat soul starting at a certain age, she had tried to ignore the signs but she was starting to crave for it. She thought that if she ate more than usual that it make the cravings go away but it didn't help at all. Finally,when her hunger got to the extreme she went against what she wanted and went out in a daze to eat the soul of an unfortunate person.But what she didn't know was that The reverend mother had followed her and seen it all, Anita begged her not to hate her, The Mother told her she didn't hate her but she must keep it a secret and control her sins since this is a huge disappointment on the church. Sadly, now this is the only secret she keeps from the other Nuns. She now only feeds when she has starving herself ,most victims are visitors from far away and unsuspected villager. She keeps her horns hidden under her horns under her hood and only takes it off at night when everyone is sleeping.

1)Reverend Mother is the One who helps her hide her secret shame, she applies the makeup to cover up her pale complexion, checks on her horns to see if their growing back each morning,and other things.
2) This is what her. she looks like without her hood,horns and all, she wears makeup given to her from a traveler to cover up her skin color.
3)The only way she can get souls out of other is through mouth, she had read of other ways of getting them but this is the only way she can do it. After she is done and she realizes the horror she had done, she quickly runs away and covers her face.
((She actually came out okay i dunno why i wanted to redraw her but i'm glad i did shes so cute, I also drew a background but i wasn't really feeling it but here it is: ))
Secret Santa Gift~ by DarkMagicTraffic
Secret Santa Gift~
A little something from me to you~
I'm sorry that i butchered him up but i was trying out new software 
but I hope you like it!!
Secret Santa held by WaxSeaShells 
so ya i just noticed i haven't been hear for a LOOOOOOOOONG while thanks to COLLEGE...Giggle  hehe so ya imma get back into business
gunna add in some new pics
get up to date with art trades (i.e if i didn't get my half of trade im coming for ya ass!)
and gt back in touch with people


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United States
Pic made by: AskPrincesMultifruit

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