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Ask-Julian Lancaster by DarkMagicTraffic
Ask-Julian Lancaster
((New reference  i hope you all like it, he is open to rps ))
Full name: Julian Arthur Lancaster

Nicknames: Julie(cause he hates it))
Gender: Male
Species: Gingerbread Humanoid
Age: looks 17
Birthday: Unknown
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Butler (trainee)
Currently lives: At the Gingerbread castle
Languages spoken: English
Accent: British
Relationship Status: single(hes looking)
Height: 5'7
Weight: 150
Voice : Tony,guy in the black shirt)… color : Blue with pink streak
Eye color: dark black
Scars/distinguishing marks: burn mark under foot
Personality: full of himself, is a show off, clumsy, sad inside, gullible 
Likes: Food(as in any), new people, anything of value, his skateboard
Dislikes: traitors
Fears/phobias: being put back into slavery
Bio: As a baby Julian was sold of to a slave owner so his parents could leave the city. He was put to work the second he could walk doing manual labor from dusk to dawn for with no pay or any breaks. At the age of 13 he escaped and was living life as a orphan with nowhere to go. During this time he began to meet people who would help him out but were a bad influence on him. They taught him how to steal, trick people, and lie. That's how he got his blue skateboard, his most treasured position. One night Lancaster and his friends had decided that they would take the crown jewels from the Gingerbread Castle. They were successful but Julian was betrayed and left to be captured by the castle guards. He was almost sentenced to death when the head butler came and said he will take responsibility for Lancaster. Since then Lancaster has been working as a butlers apprentice. Though he sometimes messes up his trying his best to improve.

Gingerbread Species: GingerQuin 
Ask-Chelci Ann Porter by DarkMagicTraffic
Ask-Chelci Ann Porter
(( She is open for questions and rps))
Full name: Chelci Ann Porter
Nicknames: Cap, Cotty
Gender: Female

Species: Cotton Field humaniod
Age : 24
Birthday: June 20th

Sexuality: Gay
Occupation:Hair/Crop Donator
Currently lives : constantly on the road

Languages spoken:English
Accent: slight southern accent
Height: 5'6 (with heels 5'7)
Weight: curvy
Hair color: White slightly gray
Eye color:  Hazel Brown

Scars/distinguishing marks: non
PERSONALITY: Sassy,Strong hearted, thick skinned, truthful
Likes: Vicky Soyier <3 , Traveling, Meeting new people, helping others
Fears: Being unable to grow back her hair

Bio: Was born the youngest of 5 children and quickly learned that the only way to get attention she had to be the loudest, From making friends to getting what she wanted this seemed to work for her. Chelci came from a very consevative home they did not believe in the gay life style and the day she told them she got kicked out of her house. Luckily her friend Vicky and her family understood her stituation and let her stay their for a few years. Sadly Chelci's family constantly harassed them so to make sure they wouldnt be bothered anymore she left Vicky's home. But Vicky wanted her to be safe so she desided to go with her. and for now they just travel.

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United States
Hi, I'm Demi Welcome to my kingdom. If you are new and want a tour I'm fine with showing you around. When I have time I'm willing to chat with anyone just respect my personal space. This Kingdom only has 2 rules: don't steal and don't mess with other people's magic/magical items. the result can be deadly.

age: last time i was told i was 6 so now im 16
sex: Female
Height: 5'3
Species: wicked creation (like Frankenstein.. but cuter)
Lives: in dark magic kingdom
Occupation: Magical item trader and conjurer
Likes: potions, spells, and weird creature
Relationship Status: Single
Love interests: sweet, speaks their mind, caring, caring
Pets: Glitch (adopted penguin)

My creator:…

(WARNING: if i become to aggravated my artificial heart may stop betting and i'll die. if such a thing does happen, PLEASE CALM ME DOWN, PLEASE)

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